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Senior Transition Services is a locally owned, specialized Senior Referral Agency providing options that meet your living needs. 

We find the best living solutions for you and your loved ones at NO COST!

 Our team specializes in helping families find the right long or short term solutions including:  Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Our passion is to serve, support, provide guidance, and assist families when faced with the inevitable task of moving a loved one into the right home with the right care. 


To help you make the decisions and choices you face 



At Senior Transition Services we work with you, at NO COST, in locating Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. We will assist you and your loved ones while you make an educated decision on the right home and the right care. Our goal is to provide seniors with options that meet their medical, social, spiritual, and financial needs.

We will begin with a personal meeting to discuss options and determine your particular wishes and preferences. Based on that assessment, we will refer you to communities that meet your loved ones' needs. This narrows down your search and allows you to focus on making the right decision.


Once we assist you and your family in making an informed and confident decision, we are there to help with the moving transition. Once your loved one is moved into their new home, we stay connected to ensure your satisfaction.


It's not easy to know if your loved one can no longer live alone. 

Here are a few key signs of when Assisted Living may become necessary:

  • Is there no food or expired food in the refrigerator? 

  • Does your loved one have bruises from falling down?

  • Is your loved one wearing the same clothes as when you last met?

  • Is your loved one bathing less frequently with suffering personal hygiene?

  • Is your loved one's home not as clean as it used to be?

  • Is your loved one not taking medications properly, forgetting dosages, or keeping expired pills?

  • Does your loved one forget to switch off the oven, turn off the car, keep the faucet running, etc?

  • Does your loved one wander at night or hear strange noises?

  • Is your loved one losing touch with friends and becoming isolated?

  • Is your loved one becoming more dependent on family members?

  • Does your loved one have help nearby should they fall or need help during an emergency?


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